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I’m so bumbed to see all that comic con action happening without Beauty and the Beast…

Me to the fandoms represented (even though I’m part of some of them):


But I miss Beauty and the Beast so much. I want new stuff. I need more. I’ll be dead by 2015. Pleeease!!!

What was been the wildest fan experience you’ve had so far? I had quite a good one recently. I had to have a root canal done and I was in the chair, and I’m really scared of dentists, and I was there and they put the bleach in to clean the roots of my teeth. I had a clamp in my jaw and those plastic curtain things in my mouth. (x)    

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I’ve recently read an article where Kit Harington said he wants to see more male nudity on the show.

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Oliver has one woman this year: that woman is Felicity. Some of the stuff that we do in the premiere, we talk about some pretty important stuff and if Oliver were to have a fling it would undermine some of that. I think that the cavalcade of women is going to stop.

Stephen Amell (via supernaturallover95)

There’s one lady in Oliver’s life. Just one – it’s Felicity (…) I don’t think we’ll ever see Oliver & Sarah or Oliver & Laurel together again. I mean – they’ll be together but just not ‘together-together’. They’ll be teammates. We discover in the premiere the way that Oliver feels about Felicity. Because of that — if we just introduced random love interests, it would undersell what we do in the premiere.

Stephen Amell about ARROW Season 3 - SDCC 2014.
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