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True Blood 7x09 Just die already Bill


Bill is such an emo wet fucking blanket! What the fuck is wrong with these writers?! Alan Ball changed Bill into Billith for a reason. He should have died in season 6 but no fucking Brian Buckner wanted to bring him back. 

I fucking hate when writers try to redeem characters that are abusive and manipulative. What kind of fucked up message is that?

I gotta admit I’m happy about Hoyt and Jessica though. I just adored them in season 2.


i have been waiting literally seven seasons of true blood for this moment and it was everything i wanted it to be


I’m so over this Sookie and Bill bullshit. It’s obvious that he wants to die and reunite with his wife and children. Just let him go! What was the point of that Arlene and Sookie scene, if statistic I mean Sookie won’t let him go? He’s done nothing but lie to her. Their relationship was one HUGE LIE.